Telaria Launches CTV University

Educational Module Developed For Advertisers, Agencies, Trade Desks and Media Planners

Monday, November 20, 2017 10:21 am EST



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Telaria launches CTVU: Educational Module Developed For Advertisers, Agencies, Trade Desks and Media Planners

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Telaria Inc., (NYSE: TLRA), a leading video monetization software company, has launched CTV University (CTVU), a learning series for advertisers, trade desks and media buyers as they plan and prepare for the future of advanced TV. Grounded in proprietary global CTV research conducted by Telaria titled “From Upstream to Mainstream”, the curriculum will cover global and generational CTV usage trends, behavior patterns and attitudes.

Commencing in December 2017, with subsequent modules rolling out throughout 2018, each course will be tailored with actionable data and insights that empower partners with a smarter outlook on tomorrow’s TV business. Led by Telaria’s Head of Research & Insights, Karen Ring, the course format is a rapid-fire, fluid discussion interspersed with Q&A sessions. Salons and webinars are also part of this integrated program.

This first module, CTVU 101: TV in Transition, features four timely topics:

  • Today’s Inflection Point: TV trends converge
  • Screen Semantics: Definitions for the new TV world
  • Global Highlights: Adoption & opportunity in 5 countries
  • Generational Attitudes: Gen Z & the future of CTV

“The world is changing the way it watches TV which inevitably means a change in how ads are consumed. We are seeing a huge demand from our agency and brand partners for information about how to understand and interpret these new changes. Our CTVU agency roadshow is an opportunity for us to share knowledge and information that will empower buyers with insights and supply to win the highest share of consumers' wallets,” said Nicole Scaglione, Senior Director, Agency and Brand Partnerships.

To anchor the program, Telaria fielded global multi-country and generational CTV research studies. The global study, “TV in Transition,” examined CTV usage, behavior patterns, and attitudes in five markets: Australia, Brazil, France, the UK, and the U.S. and analyzed the results in aggregate and by country. The generational study was a joint study with Hulu on the generational differences in CTV viewing behavior and attitudes towards advertising. This study, “How Gen Z Connects to TV,” puts the spotlight on the importance of Gen Z in understanding where the future of TV is headed.

Jason Dorsey, President of The Center for Generational Kinetics, said, “This national research study reveals new and important drivers specific to the intersection of Gen Z and the influence of Connected TV, advertising, and emerging trends. This research has been missing in the space and answers numerous questions that CEOs, CMOs, and brand leaders absolutely need to know.” The Center for Generational Kinetics is the leading Gen Z and generations research firm and leads studies around the world to uncover new and hidden trends specific to Gen Z, Millennials, and generations.

Karen Ring, Head of Research & Insights, said, “Our CTVU program surfaces the most interesting insights from the ongoing research we’ve been conducting on CTV. As the OTT landscape continues to grow in size and complexity, we’ve created this program with the dual goals of helping our clients understand the growth drivers of advanced TV, and preparing them to plan now for the future for advertising within this environment, which we see becoming mainstream in the very, very near future.”

To learn more about Telaria’s CTVU, and to inquire about course dates in your city, please email

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